This is the confessional of hotter than hell conversations around handcrafted soaps and cosmetics and the business and beauty of bathing.

Sinner Saint Soapmaker is also a present-day podcasting pulpit, of sorts, for Charlene Simon to tell the wickedly blessed tales of entrepreneurialism by way of her own heavenly scented beauty brands. Bathhouse Soapery & Villainess Alchemy; the proverbial saint and sinner of the podcast and the embodiment of her good & bad girl identities. Her soap kitchen is her church and bathing is her religion.

You may be thinking a podcast dedicated to soap sounds boring, but relax...because something with a reputation as clean as soap most definitely has a filthy and entertaining side.

Charlene has twenty-three years of historical accounts of exorcisms and miracles around the art of soap & cosmetics crafting. Thirteen of those years have been as an entrepreneur.

You're personally and professionally invited to join the congregation of Sinner Saint Soapmaker as we worship the practical magic of beauty, business, and bathing.

About Charlene Simon

A mom at 15, Charlene found her own path of formal education by teaching herself the art and science of handcrafted soap, cosmetic, and perfume formulating. She later set out to become a retailer of her beauty line and bootstrapped Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium in 2009. Villainess Alchemy is Bathhouse’s wicked-stepsister boutique and is where you can create your bath & beauty essentials. She has locations in Hot Springs, AR & St. Charles, MO. She's recognized for raising the bar on the main streets where she’s made a home for her boutiques.

As the former president of the world’s largest trade association for handcrafted soap & cosmetic makers, Charlene can tell you it can be a blood bath to bring your craft to commerce. This podcast is a grimoire of over a decade of the not-so-practical  magic of entrepreneurialism.

Charlene is the founder and award-winning branding artist of Fat Bottomed Girl’s Cupcake Shoppe where she competed on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and was featured on Netflix.

Charlene’s adventures in beauty aren’t only professional; she won the title of Mrs. Arkansas America and placed Top 15 at Mrs. America.

She resides in Hot Springs Arkansas, also known as “the spa city” where she has her flagship boutiques for Bathhouse Soapery, Villainess Alchemy, and her makehouse for both brands.

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